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There are various kinds of ceramic whether Bone China, Porcelain, Fine China, Stoneware and Earthenware. Each is different in both characteristics and appearance.

We would like to introduce you our unique household collections which are perfectly matched with your living style…

PREMIUM FINE PORCELAIN is an exclusive kind of ceramic derived its origin from Vitreous China body. It is considered as a perfect material for stylish tableware. The combination of this unique substance together with high temperature oxidation firing technique enables our tableware products to have soft and elegant look. Not only charming look that can gather all eye attractions but also its durability that can keep our QUALITIER in an upper level of satisfaction...

To better understanding, we can compare our as the following:

Technical Specification

     Product Identification

The beauty of our tableware collection stems from our skillful and experienced design on both patterns and shapes which are functional and aesthetically pleasing. The shape range is from Classical, Casual and Contemporary looks. We have invested extensive research and development on trends and product designs to create customers the "Authentic Sense of Home Dining."

                                                                        We serve you the "BEST"

                                                                              Beautiful Body

                                                                              Exquisite Embossment

                                                                              Splendid Style

                                                                              Tangible Thought

Style is a central focus in our lives, and dining in style is gaining in popularity. Consumers are looking for quality, stylish and durable products for their daily life. We are inspired by all that surrounds us; especially what we find in nature.

Our products are from special technique to develop the distinctive clay formula that comes into natural color after gloss firing at 1,230 degree Celsius. The uniqueness of its warm and softened color finishes makes them well match with our refined embossing. They are not only distinguished because of their unique characteristics, but also their features and designs. The natural properties of glaze enable every piece to functionally suit for the microwave and dishwasher safe. This attributes to the worldwide success of our products especially in Europe.

Besides, one of the key success factors we always emphasize is the fulfillment of our customer's requirements on the stylish and quality tableware. We provide extensive selection of tabletop articles including various sizes of plates, cups, mugs, bowls and tea sets that can meet customer's needs from different markets. We are carrying not just only Plain collections in natural pearl white body but also working on decorated collections as great choices of customer's preferences.

     Product Qualification

A refinement of each collection comes from experienced and skillful designers. Quality Control is vigorously applied in each and every production process. Every stage of product development is carried out in the close supervision with stringent quality control to ensure that the finished product is of highest standard while keeping the character of craftsmanship.

Product Safety:

The safety standard of our tableware is well accepted by our customers mainly in Europe and USA. This is also guaranteed by the approval of well-known laboratories such as Intertek Testing Service (ITS), Bureau Veritas and SGS. They are safe for health, Lead & Cadmium free, and Dishwasher & Microwave safe. Besides, our product is proven for good degree of Crazing Resistance by the analysis report from CERAM Institute of UK.

Usage Guide:

By nature of QUALITIER, in order to keep your tableware set for longer use, we may recommend you to follow our user guides as below;

Can we use QUALITIER products for Hotel and Restaurant section?

Due to characteristics of QUALITIER, it is suitable for household use. It is not recommended for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering services unless using with extra care.

Can we put QUALITIER products in the microwave?

Our dinnerware is microwave safe in normal use condition such as keeping food warm and/or preheating. However, a sudden change in temperatures such as putting frozen items directly on the dinnerware and heat in the microwave with high temperature may cause cracking. Also, the gold or platinum decorated is not recommended to use with microwave.

Is our QUALITIER dishwasher safe?

Our dinnerware is qualified to be under world standard of household usage and improved to has less water absorption by higher gloss firing temperature. The water absorption is less than 0.1% However, it should avoid using or putting it in high steam pressure condition.

Is it true that QUALITIER contains high water absorption?

Our dinnerware is qualified to be under world standard of household usage and improved to has less water absorption than other Earthenware by higher gloss firing tempurature. Additionally, we use our special chemical liquid sealing onto the foot of each finished piece in order to make sure that fluid cannot enter and to make our ceramic be able to resist liquid-absorbing in high level. However, it should avoid using or putting it in high stream pressure condition.

Extra care on stacking our products

Even the hardest surfaces can be scratched. This can happen with all kinds of ceramic including our product. So, please take a good care when stacking our ceramic wares as scratches can be visible on glazes.